Sätta upp en test

Användarna tog med enheter som skulle testas samt utrustning för att övervaka prestanda på enheter under testning. Vi tillhandahöll partikelstrålar enligt specifikation från användarna. Vår personal assisterade under planering av test och hjälpte till med teknisk service och logistik. En full testkampanj avslutades normalt på en veckas tid, inklusive ändring av uppställning och justeringar i testprogrammet efter användarnas specifikationer. 

Bestrålningsanläggningen (bestående av flera olika faciliteter: ANITA neutronbestrålning, QMN neutronbestrålning, och PAULA protonbestrålning) var belägna i Blå Hallen, 12 meter under jord.

gemensamt för alla TSLs bestrålningsanläggningar

  • Användarnas kontrollrum (”räknerummen”) fanns på markplan.
  • Avstånd mellan användarnas kontrollrum och Blå Hallen var ≈100 m
  • Följande kablar var förinstallerade mellan användarnas kontrollrum och experimenthallen:
    • Direct Ethernet (RJ45) connections, 6 pcs, including 4 connections rated to 1 Gbit/s
    • Coaxial (RG213), with BNC connectors, >100 pcs
    • Coaxial (RG58), with SHV connectors, rated to 2.5kV, >60 pcs to the neutron facilities, at least 6 pcs to the proton facility
  • Particle flux monitors operated in real-time mode
  • Readings of the monitors were continuously logged and were available on-line for users
  • Time-stamped log files of the monitor readings were available for users
  • Automatic beam-off with user-preset fluence (”BORN-system”)

Blå Hallen, där alla bestrålningsanläggningar var belägna

Tillgängliga AC-strömuttag:


antal faser





230 1 50 10 CEE (EUR) 20
400 3 50 16 IEC60309 2
120 1 50 10 NEM (USA) 1
  • Ethernet outlets to TSL network, 4 pcs
  • 2 phone lines
  • Cell phone network coverage*
  • Movable concrete shielding blocks, 60 x 60 x 120 cm, at least 4pcs
  • Lasers for alignment of user’s devices under test:
    • Rotary point lasers defining the horisontal and vertical planes
    • Line laser, for the vertical plane, 1pc**
  • Tables on wheels with adjustable height, picture with specs.
  • Fork lift 1pc

* A user group could borrow guest cell phones, 2pcs, free of charge.

** Available at the neutron facilities. 

Service & Support

  • Logistics
  • Accomodation
  • Irradiated material storage
  • Support staff

Neutron facilities (ANITA and QMN):

User area

The user area extends from 250 cm to ≈15 m downstream of the ANITA production target. The neutron beam propagated from the production target towards the beam dump as a cone or as a pyramid, for cylindrical and square apertures, respectively. The beam axis was going at the height of 150 cm above the floor. Not less than 30 m2 area was available for user’s equipment, with the overall height of at least 2.5 m.


  • Beam spot size: variable from 1 cm to 120 cm (up to 80 cm for QMN beams)
  • Beam spot shape: circular or square
  • Other sizes and shapes available upon request
  • Time to change beam spot size/shape: ≤ 1 hour

Neutron Dosimetry:

  • Thin Film Breakdown Counters
  • Fission Ionisation Chambers
  • Faraday Cups for the primary proton beam

Proton facility (PAULA)

User area

The user area extended from 50 cm to ≈7.5 m downstream of the proton exit window. The proton beam propagated from the window towards the beam dump as a cone. The beam axis was going at the height of 150 cm above the floor. The overall height of the user area was at least 2.5 m.


  • Beam spot size: variable from 0.4 cm to 20 cm
  • More info to come

Proton Dosimetry:

  • Thin film breakdown counters
  • Scintillator telescope detectors
  • Faraday cups