Control room 1949-2021

during 2021 the control room at TSL has been decommisioned, emptied and made into a project room.

Goal with emptying and decommissioning premises:

  • Equipment reused by others or going back as material in circulation.
  • Radiologically cleared premises for own use during decommission or that can be returned to Akademiska Hus for other uses.

Steps in the decomission of the Control room:

  • Empty possible radioactive activities.  Done!
  • Empty other chemicals. Done!
  • Empty all loose equipment and find new owners for them.  Done!
  • Empty TSL´s installations (control desk, racks, cables). Done! 
  • Empty Akademiska Hus´s installations (ventilation).   Done!
  • Use the room as temporary storage during decommission of Power supply room. Done!
  • Furnish the room as project room for meetings and plannings. Done!
  • Use the room during rest of the decommission. 

Here follows a collage of Control room pictures from 1949-2021. (right click to open the picture in bigger format).

Control room 1949-2021

Last modified: 2022-04-20