Decommission Radiochemistry laboratory

Person measuring on equipment in the Radiochemistry laboratory

In 2016-2019, the Radiochemistry laboratory at TSL will be decommissioned.

The radiochemistry lab is an independent part that we decommission first. Here we have a chance to learn how to close down a lab, make plans, create routines, develop measurement methods, sort waste etc. In the radio chemistry laboratory, we expect to find contamination and, in exceptional cases, activated objects.

Plan for decommission:

  •      Empty radioactive preparations and other activities. Done!
  •      Empty other chemicals. Done!
  •      Empty loose equipment. Done!
  •      Empty TSL´s installations(fume cabinets, hotbox, gaspipes).Done!
  •      Empty Akademiska Hus´s installations(ventilation, water, sewer, top layers on walls, floor, ceiling). Done!
  •    Radiological clearance of equipment for reuse. Done!
  •    Radiological clearance of the premises. Ongoing.
  • Radiochemistry laboratory in january 2019

     Equipment reused by others or returning as material in circulation.
     Radiological cleared premises that can be returned to Akademska Hus for other uses.