Proton radiotherapy at TSL stopped June 2015


Proton treatments are arranged by the Akademiska Hospital's Oncology clinic. Let your local doctor send inquires to the Akademiska Hospital, ph +46-(0)18-611 00 00, The Svedberg Laboratory has no possibility handling inquiries from patients.


Protonbehandlingar ordnas av Akademiska sjukhusets onkologklinik. Din lokala läkare måste skicka remiss. Kontakta Akademiska sjukhuset, 018-611 00 00, för mer information. The Svedberg-laboratoriet har ingen möjlighet att ta emot patientförfrågningar.

Proton Therapy at TSL stopped June 2015

The following information is only of historic interest!

Proton Radiotherapy

The proton beam extracted from the cyclotron may have exclusive advantages in treatment of certain human malignant tumours and some other disorders where conventional radiotherapy or surgery is not feasible. The depth dosedistribution, with the Bragg-peak, and the relatively sharp penumbra, enables the concentration of radiation to the target volume and minimizes the dose to normal tissue surrounding the target. Proton beam irradiation may lead to cure or shrinkage of tumour burden in cases whereother treatment modalities fail.
All patients are carefully investigated by computerized tomography and/or magnetic resonance imaging in order to obtain a detailed knowledge of the position and size of the tumour. Angiography and positron emission termography will be used in certain cases. Before the treatments, careful doseplanning is performed to ensure an optimal dose distribution.


  1. Eye melanomas. The first patient was treated in April 1989 with a modified 72 MeV beam to 54,5 Gy in 4 fractions using a single field technique.
  2. Arterio-venous malformation of the brain. The first patient with superficially located inoperabel AVM:s was treated in April 1991 with a modified 100 MeV beam utilizing two portals to a total dose of 20 Gy in two fractions.
  3. Therapy with protons beams in patients with Uveal melanomas and meningeomas in the brain.
  4. Proton beam therapy as a boost to photon beam therapy in patients with malignant tumours.
  5. Malignant gliomas. Patients with astrocytomas grade III and IV have received irradiation treatment with photons and protons.
  6. Meningeomas of the brain. Patients with partially resected meningeomas, WHO grade I, in the brain have been treated since 1994. The treatment is generally given four fractions to a total dose of 24 Gy.
  7. Tumours in the head-and-neck region, tumours in the base of the skull and adenomas in the pituitary. Most patients have received a combined therapy with photons and protons.
  8. The first patient with Prostate cancer was treated in late 2002, with 180 MeV. A special couch/platform was built for this purpose (see picture above).
  9. In 2008 Barncancerfonden (The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation) funded construction of an adjustable treatment couch adapted for lying child patients (see picture above) and adjustement of software used for treatments.

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