Accelerated radiation testing

Our test facilities simulate the radiation environments in which your equipment and electronics shall function reliably. 

As we can deliver very high flux of particles we can accelerate the radiation testing, eg eventual effects can be seen in much shorter time.

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Here are the particles and the related facilities that we offer you to use: 

Neutron Beams:

ANITA, the white spectrum neutron beam facility

Simulates the cosmic-ray induced neutron field. Designed for Single Event Effects/Soft Error Rate testing.

Some key features of ANITA:

  • Neutron Beam with spectrum that resembles the one in the Earth´s atmosphere
  • High neutron flux and thus high acceleration factor
  • Variable flux and beam spot size and shape according to your specifications
  • Spacious user area, > 50 m^2
  • Read more details about ANITA at TSL

QMN, the quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam facility

Makes it possilbe to study the energy dependence of neutron-induced effects in electronics.

Some key features of QMN:

  • Selectable neutron energy in 20-175 MeV energy range
  • Variable flux and beam spot size, up tp 3*10^8 neutrons per second over te beam area
  • Spacious user area, > 50 m^2 
  • Read more details about QMN at TSL


Proton Beams:

PAULA, the proton irradiation facility

For Single Event Effects & Total Ionisation Dose testing.

Some key features of PAULA: