Irradiation Facilities

We provide facilities with high-energy particle beams for different purposes. Our partners mostly use them for testing reliability of electronic equipment under radiation exposure, accelerated radiation testing. Other use has also been seen, such as biomedical research, material science and production of filters and other things.

The following facilities are available:

ANITA, the white spectrum neutron beam facility

Simulates the cosmic-ray induced neutron field. Designed for Single Event Effects/Soft Error Rate testing.

  • Neutron beam with spectrum that resembles the one in the Earth´s atmosphere
  • High neutron flux, up to 10^7/cm^2/s,  and thus high acceleration factor
  • Variable flux and beam spot size and shape according to your specifications
  • Spacoius user area, > 50 m2
  • Read more about the ANITA facilty at TSL

QMN, the quasi-monoenergetic neutron beam facility

Makes it possilbe to study the energy dependence of neutron-induced effects in electronics.

  • Selectable neutron energy in the 20-175 MeV energy range
  • Variable flux, up to 3*10^8 neutrons per second over the beam area
  • Variable beam spot size
  • Spacious user area, > 50 m2, where quite large equipment can be set up for tests.
  • Read more about the QMN facility at TSL

PAULA, the proton beam facility

For Single Event Effects & Total Ionisation Dose testing

Heavy Ions facility

During the years the cyclotron has delivered heavy ions for research and industrial projects. We are still able to do it but we are a bit restricted by time and economy. If there are free time slots and partners willing to pay to cover for beam development and run time, we could consider run heavy ions. The possible ions are listed here. Read more about our external ion source, ECRIS, that we use for heavy ions.

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