TSL Surplus



Shortcut to Surplus Campaign 11 (In Swedish, October 2018)


Information about TSL Surplus

TSL, The Svedberg laboratory, is decommissioning the plant and clearing out storages.

Whole systems: Equipment from the accelerator plant´s different parts, as external ion source, beam lines, irradiation facilities and so on, will firstly be offered as whole systems or parts as systems to other similar accelerator plants. We would like to see the equipment to be used as it is and if that aint possible we can think about splitting the systems and dispose equipment piece by piece. We want to biggest possible extent avoid to dispose the equipment as waste. .

Single equipment (surplus): Left-over equipment (surplus) from storages, lab´s and workshop will be disposed in campaigns described below. The campaigns will be the only way we transfer or sell the left-over/surplus. Therefore we kindly ask you not to send emails and try to reserve equipment before the campaigns starts, unless urgent need for business.

The campaigns will be run like this:
We will gather similar equipment into a campaign, measure and free clearance, move to showroom, compile promotional letters with text and images, send promotional letters to stakeholders, have showroom open and campaign running for some time, ship away booked equipment, stop campaign, empty showroom, scrap residue, start new campaign.

TSL Surpluskampanj 11: We are running a different Surplus campaign this time. We are checking the interest first with a quick compiled list of equipment. You check the list and answer with email to (tsl-surplus@physics.uu.se) if you want any of the equipment. Theat equipment will be handled as Surplus, eg we are registering it in our systems, creating contracts amd yopu collect it within a week. 

 LINK TO CAMPAIGN MATERIAL in Swedish (updated 2018-10-22) 

All equipment are disposed/sold in its current state without warranty and must be picked up at TSL. Bring your own pallets, boxes and packing materials.


Surplus coordinator:
Mikael Pettersson.

Surplus transports:
David Lundgren.