IFA-TSL, The Svedberg laboratory

Decommission Radiochemistry laboratory

Radiochemistry laboratory

In 2016-2017, the Radiochemistry laboratory at TSL will be decommissioned.

The radiochemistry lab is an independent part that we decommission first. Here we have a chance to learn how to close down a lab, make plans, create routines, develop measurement methods, sort waste etc. In the radio chemistry laboratory, we expect to find contamination and, in exceptional cases, activated objects.

Plan for decommission:

     Empty on radioactive preparations and other activities. Done!
     Empty of other chemicals. Done!
     Empty loose equipment. Done!
     Empty TSL´s installations.Done
     Empty Akademiska Hus´s installations. Ongoing.
     Radiological clearance of equipment for reuse. Ongoing.
     Radiological clearance of the premises. Spring 2018.


     Equipment reused by others or returning as material in circulation.
     Radiological cleared premises that can be returned to Akademska Hus for other uses.