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TSL Surplus campaign nr 8 finished Monday 2017-10-02

More information on the TSL Surplus page!!

(updated: 2017-10-02)


We are moving our web site so there might be some disturbances!!

(updated: 2017-09-01)


thesis may 2017

More student thesis projects at TSL

Two more Degree Thesis project is coming up:

"Measurements of Radioactive Samples using Liquid Scintillator Counting"


"Determination of Nuclide Vectors for TSL"

Read more about the projects and how to apply in this pdf.

(updated: 2017-05-11)


UPTS tracking

Another student thesis for UPTS at TSL

A new Degree Thesis project is coming up:

"Test of a pellet Target Tracking system in a Cluster-jet setup".

Read more about the project and how to apply in this pdf.

(updated: 2017-04-06)


Exjobb at TSL

The title of a current Master Thesis project at TSL:

"Radioactive concrete - the true story revealed!"

The student is using the Monte Carlo code FLUKA to simulate radioactivity induced by fast neutrons in a concrete wall and compare the results with experimental measurements.

Looking for a student project?

Contact us!

(updated: 2017-04-03)



See the new film about our "sister laboratory", FREIA laboratory, Uppsala University.

(updated: 2017-03-19)


UPTS tracking

Finished student thesis for UPTS at TSL

"A measurement level module for a pellet tracking system", Jenny Regina, Official publication site

(updated: 2017-02-10)


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