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TSL Surplus campaign 7

TSL Surplus campaign nr 7  started 15:00, 13 March 2017.

(updated: 2017-03-23)


Solveig Eriksson

Solveig Eriksson, former administrator at TSL, has after a time of illness passed away at age 75 years.

(updated: 2017-02-13)


Ongoing activities at TSL

service man

Service and preparations for test start of the accelerator in March 2017.


Decommissioning of the Radio Chemistry laboratory.

HPGe detector test

Evaluations and test runs with different HPGe-detector systems. To be used for measure activity in the building and equipment.

(updated: 2017-01-26)


Cyclotron from floor

Pictures of the cyclotron can be found on page with technical details.

(updated 2016-08-17)


TSL Surplus campaign nr 6 ended 2016-12-21.

(updated 2016-12-21)


Arne Johansson

Arne Johansson, professor emeritus of Nuclear Physics, Division of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University, has passed away at age 86.

Prof. Johansson was director of TSL - The Svedberg Laboratory during 1986-1992.

Prof. Johansson was responsible for leading the work of building up and starting up the initial experiments at TSL, after the GWI period.

(updated: 2016-12-09)


Surplus icon

TSL Surplus campaign nr 6 started 2016-12-07.

(updated 2016-12-07)


Thesis icon

Master thesis project at TSL:

"Radioactive concrete - the true story revealed!"

Information och contact details here.

(updated 2016-11-15)


Surplus icon

TSL Surplus campaign nr 5 ended 2016-09-08.

Another campaign will start in October.

(updated 2016-09-08)


Summer shutdown

TSL is shutdown for service and holidays!

(updated 2016-07-01)


TSL Surplus

TSL Surplus campaign nr 4

Started Friday 10 June 2016, at 13:30.

More info and list of contents here.

(updated: 2016-06-10)


TSL Surplus nr 3

TSL Surplus campaign nr 3 started 8 April 2016, at 12:00.

More information about TSL Surplus

(updated: 2016-04-08)


TSL Surplus campaign nr 2 started 7 March 2016, at 18:00.

More information about TSL Surplus

(updated: 2016-03-07)



There was a symposium held on November 27, 2015, giving highlights of the scientific activities at GWI and TSL from 1949 until 2015.

Here is the program of the Symposium with links to the presentations. 

(updated: 2015-12-03)


Proton therapy at TSL has ended.

Börje Larsson and The Svedberg, GWI, 1954

The first patient was irradiated on 23 November 1957.

The last patient was irradiated on Friday 12 Juni 2015.

The proton therapy will continue at the new Skandion clinic, also in Uppsala.

(updated: 2015-06-15)


A new irradiation position, CUP (Close User Position) has been constructed, characterized, and put into operation at the ANITA facility for accelerated testing of components and systems for single event effects. The energy-integrated neutron flux above 10 MeV, amounting to more than 107 cm-2 · s-1, is the highest among the facilities with atmospheric-like spectra. Results of beam characterization measurements are reported in the recent publication:

A.V. Prokofiev, E. Passoth, A. Hjalmarsson and M. Majerle, ”CUP – A New High-Flux Irradiation Position at the ANITA Neutron Facility at TSL”, IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Vol. 61, pp 1929-1936 (2014).

(updated: 2014-11-13)


Logo WAO2014

TSL took part of WAO2014, 26-31 October 2014, Mainz, Germany

(updated: 2014-10-23)


Power Converters 2014

CAS Power Converters 2014

TSL´s Power Supply group took part of Power Converters 2014, 7-14 May 2014, Baden, Switzerland.

(Updated 2014-06-13)


Status report

A recent public status report can be found in proceedings from Cyclotrons 2013, Vancouver, "STATUS REPORT ON THE GUSTAV WERNER CYCLOTRON AT TSL, UPPSALA".

(Updated: 2014-03-20)


ANITA-CUP, new user position with extra high neutron flux

During 2013 a new irradiation position was constructed, characterized, and put into operation at the ANITA facility for accelerated neutron SER testing. The neutron flux, ≈107 cm-2s-1, is the highest among facilities with atmospheric-like spectrum. See the poster about ANITA-CUP that was presented on RADECS2013 (Oxford, UK, 23-27 Sep 2013) and on the Workshop on fast neutron applications at spallation sources (Abingdon, UK 30 Sep - 1 Oct 2013).


Curiosity´s radiation instrument calibrated at TSL

Curiosity RAD detector

Since August 2012 the space rover Curiosity has been exploring Mars surface. Did you know that the rover´s instrument for measuring radiation was calibrated at TSL?

Read more about it in this Uppsala University article.

RAD graphs

See graphs of radiation levels on the RAD site.

More about Curiosity can be found on NASA´s site about Mars Science Laboratory.

(updated: 2014-03-17)


Beam again

makro pulse

We are up running again after summer service break. Welcome with beamtime requests.

(Updated: 2014-08-22)


Lars Pettersson has passed away

Lars P

Long time colleague Lars Pettersson has, after a time of illness, passed away at age 69. He worked at TSL, former GWI, for the last 46 years.

(Updated: 2014-08-22)


Upcoming shutdown for service, March 21-24.

TSL will be closed for mid semester service during March 21 - 24, 2014.

On the TODO-list: Rf-systems, water cooling system, ion sources, vaccuum, fire protection systems and more.

(updated: 2014-03-17)

Sven Kullander has passed away

 Sven Kullander picture

Sven Kullander, professor emeritus of High Energy Physics at Uppsala University, has passed away at age 77.

Prof. Kullander was 1979-1986 director of GWI, that later became TSL - The Svedberg Laboratory.

Prof. Kullander was the main force behind the transfer of ICE Ring from CERN to TSL, and it became the CELSIUS Storage Ring where many sucessful experiments took place.

(updated: 2014-02-17)


TSL Surplus list updated with more equipment for sale.

Check out the surplus list here!

(Updated: 2013-11-29)


TSL had an internal development run of CW protons 50 MeV during the period Monday 6 January - Friday 8 January.

(Updated: 2014-03-19)


TSL was shutdown for service and Christmas vacation, Friday 15 December - Friday 3 January.

(Updated: 2014-03-19)


TSL had a service break, Friday 18 October - Monday 21 October.

On the Done-list: Change of RF-tube, vaccum maintainance, check of central region etc.

(Updated: 2013-10-23)


TSL is hosting a (internal) course "Acclerator & Cyclotron technique"

week 40, 30/9 - 4/10 2013. Lecturer is Pauli Heikkinen, Technical Director, JYFL

(Updated: 2013-03-19)


 Cyclotrons 2013

TSL participated in CYCLOTRONS 2013, September 16-20 2013, Vancouver Canada, http://cyc13.triumf.ca/ .

(Updated 2013-09-30)



TSL participated in RADECS 2013,

(Updated: 2013-03-19)


Curiosity´s instruments calibrated at TSL.

(Updated: 2013-03-19)